USA Vanguard Benet Reveals evil side of child pageants

USA Vanguard Banning The Learning Tree will not stop prejudice , offensive language

USA Vanguard Should Employers Judge Applicants Personal Web Pages

USA Vanguard Colorism Weakens Job Market

USA Vanguard Voting Uniformity Needed

USA Vanguard Online Pedophile Groups Must be Snuffed Out

USA Vanguard Eating Disorders Caused by Multiple Sources

USA Vanguard Should Teachers Risk Termination for Private Choices

USA Vanguard Losing Our Etiquette with cell phones

USA Vanguard-Should we create regional caucuses

USA Vanguard -Isms not a deciding factor in election

USA Vanguard- County Commission put it in writing next time

USA Vanguard-It’s Obama’s party, he can do what he wants

USA Vanguard-Life isn’t fair, so change the station

Entertainment Reviews

R&B Influences Shine on Katharine McPhee’s debut

I Am America generates laughter

Winter Jam 2008 features popular Christian artists

TV’s Unhitched lacks Farrely Brothers big screen appeal

Idol needs to take its own advice

Looking forward upcoming retro music

80s sitcom actress offers her views on presidential platforms

Blue-eyed soul prevalent in fall album releases

Henderson affects lives in his reality show The Chef Jeff Project on Food Network

British artist makes waves with debut disc 19

Beyonce reveals stage persona in I Am Sasha Fierce

Idol David duo battles it out with debut albums

Television show reveals true nature of beauty

Winter Jam Spectacular Tour 2009 coming to Mitchell Center with all-star set

Joss Whedon returns to sci-fi with intriguing new show

Clarkson’s fourth album reveals depth

NBC’s ‘Kings’ gives new twist to biblical story

Hip-hop artist Flo-Rida taps into newfound respect for African population


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