NAACP Image Awards and ALMA Awards Friday night death slot

The NAACP Image Awards and the ALMA Awards awards minority entertainers that display a positive image. So one has to wonder why the networks that air these two award shows on a Friday night which is considered to be a death slot.

Actors George Lopez (L) and Eva Longoria Parker are set to host the ALMA Awards on September 16th on NBC (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

On Friday September 16th, NBC will air the ALMA (American Latino Media Arts)Awards with comedian George Lopez and “Desperate Housewives” star Eva Longoria. The awards honors  performers that display a positive image of Latinos in the entertaiments industry. I’ve watched this particular award show on and off when it aired on Friday nights on ABC.

When I saw the promo for the awards recently I realized another award show that honors another minority group of entertainers the NAACP Image Awards usually airs on Friday night on FOX.

After the 42nd annual NAACP Image Awards aired on March 4,2011 host of TV One’s “Washington Watch” and CNN commentator Roland Martin made this observation about the ratings of the awards.

Mr. Martin and the panel made great points but they missed out on one key factor which is the 4nd NAACP Image Awards aired on a Friday night.

Why question it’s airing on a Friday night, because there is a perception that television shows that air on Friday night are usually cancelled.This slot is referred to as The Friday Night Death Slot

The article above mentioned tv shows however here’s a list of awards show from what I’ve observed and the nights that they air.

The Academy Awards (Oscars)—- Sunday nights
The Grammy Awards—————see Academy Awards
MTV Video Music Awards———-see first two listed
The Dove Awards—————–see the first three listed
The Primetime Emmy Awards——-see the first four listed
Most of the Country Music Awards-not on Friday my friend
The Trumpet Awards—————See all the above
BET Awards———————–hopefully by now you’ve noticed a trend.

According to Nielsen African-American’s are the nation’s largest ethnic television audience while the same group in Sept 2010 that Hispanics make up 40% of new TV households.

With that in mind why would FOX, NBC, and previously would air these awards shows on a night that has less viewership and what message is it sending to those ethinic groups. From what I can obtain it is that the NAACP Image Awards and the ALMA awards are not as importance as some of the awards show mentioned above.

Since the Primetime Emmy Awards are this coming Sunday I understand why NBC had to air the ALMA’s on a Friday. But couldn’t they clear a Sunday on Telemundo or E! (There are those that would appriecate a break from the Kardashians and Kendra) to air the ALMA’s. Even BET knows to air their shows on a Sunday in order receive the Monday morning beginning of the week news cycle entertainment buzz meter factor.

As for the Image Awards why can’t TV One air this on a Sunday since FOX obviously won’t do it for future airings.

By airing these awards shows on what is perceived to be a death spot in ratings the networks mentioned above are doing a disservice to two of their large viewership groups.

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