An open letter to the Mobile City Council, Mayor Sam Jones, and Chief Michael T. Williams

The Mobile City Council on Sept 14th meeting voted down 4-3 an amended version of Mayor Sam Jones proposed crime package that included a teen curfew. Photo courtesy of Local

Dear Mobile City Council, Mayor Jones, and Chief Williams,

As a citizen who has lived in Mobile for most of my life, I want the city to be at it’s safest just like any other person. I also feel that the police need tools that will enable them to perform their duties. However, this curfew that has been proposed for teens in the are I have a question about the legitmacy of it.

From what I can recall in 2002 a curfew was passed for teens. The law according this article by stated the following:

The teen curfew applied to a specific area bordered by Government and Dearborn streets, Washington Avenue, St. Louis and Royal streets. Aside from emergencies and other limited exceptions, minors under 18 were prohibited from being there between the hours of 10 p.m. and 5 a.m., seven days a week.

My question for you all is this

Instead of writing a new proposed law, why not make an amendment to the curfew that is already on the books to extend citywide and add designated place to hold offenders and vote on that?

I’m sure it has been time consuming, writing the proposal, making amendments, rallying up support for the curfew only to have the amendment version voted down. However I feel as though a curfew that is already in place that is not enforced not only ludicrious but not helping the citizens of Mobile.

Looking forward to hearing your response


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