Memories of Tuesday September 11, 2001

Lights illumiate the NYC skyline to commerate those who lost their lives on 9/11. On the 10th anniversary of the tragic events people will stop and reflect at memorials across the US. Photo by Allan Tallenbaum of

      This past weekend I came across my high school senior year binder where I kept all my journal entries from the Honors English class I took back in 2001. The school  year of 2001-2002 was my senior year attending Murphy High School, and each day  in Mr. Montgomery’s English class we had to write a journal entry. He said the purpose of the daily assignment was to improve our writing skills. I’m glad that I kept those entries because on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 I’m able to look back on what was occuring in my life before the tragic events of that day.

What was occuring in my life on Monday September 10,2001

  •  Upcoming auditions for the Fall Drama Club productions. “My Sister Eileen” and another play was in consideration for us to perform.
  • Meeting for the MOSAIC (Murphy High School’s Literary Magazine which I was a staff member.) and my excitement because and sadness because it was our last issue that we would produce.
  • What should I draw for hte Reflections PTA Art competition.
  • How the NSYNC Celebrity cd sucked. (By the way I checked it out from the library.)
  • Did I pass the Alegbra II test that occurred Friday.
  • How bored I was with the Alabama vs. Vanderbuilt game that Alabama won.

Tuesday September 11,2001.

 Before I would make that journal entry for that day, I remember it was a beautiful clear day in Mobile and being on Murphy’s campus it’s a sight to see. At 7:46 am CST/8:46 am EST when the 1st plane crashed into the North Tower of the World Trade Center I was in my Alegbra II class waiting to find out whether I passed the test. At 8:03 am CST/9:03 am EST, I don’t exactly recall what we were exactly we were doing in class but that”s when the 2nd plane crashed into the South Tower of the World Trade Center.

   At 8:50 CST the bell rang for us students to head to homeroom to take attendance for the day. I’ve always thought this practice was weird because I would assume students should go to homeroom first and then to 1st period class. My homeroom at the time was located in a computer lab in the Vocational Building. When I arrived in the room, Jeffrey, who had a reputation for being a class clown asked us had we heard about a plane crashing into to the World Trade Center.

 My response to him was no.

Im my mind I was thinking what kind of idiot pilot would crash a plane in plain view in Lower Mannathan. So the be sure Jeffrey was joking I logged onto to see if anything was on the site about it.

Then the principal at the time Mr. Estle announces over the intercom system about the two planes that hit the World Trade Center and that it might have been a terrorist attack. After that announcement we had to go to our 2nd period class which for me was the Honors English class. For the journal entry I wrote this.

I’ve just found out about what happened in NYC and I’m sad for the family, friends, and co-workers of those lost. I hope there are more survivors than those dead.

During my 2nd and 3rd period classes, there was some discussion about what occurred, but it was still buisness as usual. I still to this day don’t know whether most most of my close friends watched news coverage of what happened.
I did eventually get to view news coverage of not only what happened at Ground Zero the Pentagon, and the crash site of Flight 93 in the Choir room.

In the days after 9/11 it felt as if my classmates and myself opened up a bit more of ourselves to each other. In my drama class we we cracked jokes and talked about our future plans beyond Murphy while stapling neon orange ribbons onto posts. Those posts would line the horseshoe that’s located on the front of Murphy’s campus. We had to use neon orange because red, white, and blue ribbons were sold out since most people were feeling patrotic.

The journal entries I had made that followed the 9/11 showed how I was able to move on with my life. Example I would lose the Reflections Art competition, play a minor role in “My Sister Eileen”, and prepare myself for college.

For the families and friends of those that were lost that day I’m not so sure they were able to move on so quickly.

Looking back on what occurred that day I’m sad because I feel as though people are divided more than ever. The division I feel is based on more political reasons if anything else. My hope is that it does not take another national tragedy occurring for the USA for be United As One.

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