Eating Disorders Caused by Multiple Sources (USA Vanguard)

Eating Disorders Caused by Multiple Sources-USA Vanguard
This article was orginally published on February 5,2007

Self- esteem.
This for a person can be high at times and low at others, especially when it comes to today’s young women and eating disorders, which can have tremendous effects on a person’s self-esteem. Recently, well-known supermodel Gisele Bundchen stated that when it comes to young women suffering from eating disorders, the blame should be placed on families not the fashion industry. So again the finger pointing begins over who is to blame in the matters of individuals that suffer from eating disorders — the fashion industry or the individuals suffering along with their families? The blame game over this has been a long, heated debate.

At one end of the spectrum you have the fashion industry that has directly or indirectly promoted that extreme thinness is in style, stating that their designs hang better on slender models. However, at times they have been quick to point out that they are not at fault for the cause of eating disorders for models and persons outside the industry. At the other end presents the side that says that the fashion industry does promote a certain beauty ideal, which therefore at times lowers the self-esteem of those who do not fit that standard.

In response to criticism over the delicate issue of eating disorders that has occurred in the fashion industry and outside of it, fashion leaders from New York, London, Milan and Paris have decided to take part in a discussion over how to address the issue. This is in reaction to the measures Italy, Spain and Brazil have taken place to ban extremely thin models from the runway by measuring body mass index (BMI). So who is really to blame for eating disorders — the fashion industry or the families of the person that is suffering from this unfortunate disorder? The answer is that neither is at fault but at the same time both hold some responsibility in dealing with this. The fashion industry has a responsibility to the consumer to promote not just one ideal of beauty. Besides we were not all created to look alike, and it would be a boring place to look at if we all looked alike. Also the families on the other hand do have a responsibility to let the family member know that they are beautiful in their own special way. The issue of eating disorders will not go away overnight, and beauty ideals will not change instantly either, but it is going to take a slow process by the fashion industry and families to express that there is more to one ideal of beauty and at times the differences that we have are the most beautiful.

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