Idea for the City of Mobile to start off Mardi Gras next year

A reveler throws beads at parade watchers at the Conde Cavaliers Parade that started the 2011 Mardi Gras season. Photo courtesy of the Mobile Press Register

The 2011 Mardi Gras season kicked off with the Conde Cavaliers parading the streets of Downtown Mobile. While reading the annual book provided by the Press-Register about what is to happen this season for Mardi Gras I thought about the Moon Pie Drop Over Mobile Celebration that occurred on Dec 31,2010. Officials with the City of Mobile state that this celebration actually kick off the Mardi Gras season.

This doesn’t make too much sense to me because the drop of the moon pie occurs on New Years Eve and Mardi Gras celebrations occurs nearly a month later. So my big idea..

Have the Moon Pie Drop Celebration right before the Conde Cavaliers Parade to start off the Mardi Gras season. Here’s how I see it occurring:

  • Events in Bienville Square for the kids with music provided by The Excelsior Band playing in the Victorian Era styled bandstand.
  • Have the segregated courts of King Felix/His Queen and King Elexis/His Queen ( I calling it as I see it.) on the corner of Royal and St Francis Streets to pull the lever for the Moonpie to drop at 6:30 p.m. Central Standard Time. At that time the Conde Cavaliers start the parade.

Now if the moonpie is to drop before that parade, what to do New Year’s Eve. My option…. drop an Azalea from the Banktrust Building.

I can picture it now as the azalea starts to drop as people are counting down to midnight the Azalea starts to bloom open. One the final bloom is revealed (to occur at midnight) Mobilians would have “blossomed into the New Year.

Also for consolation gifts each person attending the events downtown would receive an Azalea seedling or a small azalea plant. This would be a way for the city to re-establish the Azalea Trail as well as Keep Mobile Beautiful.

Yes I’m cheesy.. I know but it is an idea.

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