Wish a vote against the BCS could happen

Bob Schieffer Vote Against the BCS
Yesterday I was watching Face the Nation when I saw CBS anchor Bob Schieffer make this plea against the BCS college championship football series.
Let’s see here at least from what I know in regards to football who has a playoff system to determine championship status.
Little League
Middle School/Jr. High League
High School
NCAA Conference Playoffs
If they have a playoff system what is the deal in regards to the college national championship?

The Bowl Championship Series was started in 1998 and is a selection system that creates five bowl matchups which are the Rose, Orange, Sugar, Fiesta, and the National Championship game that is rotated among the four bowls. Every year since the current system has been in place there is some team whether it may a school from a small conference or like Auburn in 2004 goes undefeated during their season does not get an invite to play the national championship game. The reason being that the way each BCS bid is scored by the computer systems and votes.

I knew that this system was controversial but I didn’t know that it was so bad to the point that a bill was introduced in the House of Representatives to rid of the current system.

I’m just curious that if this bill does pass how will this affect not only the four major bowl games but also the 27 non-BSC bowl championship series including the GoDaddy.com Bowl (formerly the GMAC Bowl) that occurs here in Mobile. If the BCS goes along with a playoff system would it be similar to the NCAA College Basketball March Madness where 65 teams are invited to play or some other system such as the top four from each conference is invited to the BCS playoffs and proceed from there.

Also if the BCS ever goes to  a playoff system how would it affect those cities where the bowl games are held. Since those cities do receive many tourism dollars from the families, fans, and alumni of the competing schools does the bowls stay in place or they aborted.

It is easy to say to rid of the current BCS system but until someone figures out what would best work for a playoff system change is not going to happen anytime soon.

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