When Christianity goes umm Wow!

Jesse Morrell of Open Air Outreach Ministries speaking to students at Texas State University in 2008. Morrell recently spoke to students at the University of South Alabama about the Gospel.

Friday I was walking towards the Student Center on the University of South Alabama campus when I saw a  large group of people shouting in the Student Center Ampitheatre. Turns out it was the protesting minister I had heard about around town that was on campus Wednesday preaching that college students were on the way to hell if they don’t stop sinning. Vids of the protest below

The minister’s name is Jesse Morell and his ministry is titled Open Air Outreach. Morrell’s testimony is that he was a former drug dealer and now he goes around college campuses across America to preach the message of the Gospel. According to his internary he will speak at LSU’s campus as well a strip club on Nov 5th in Baton Rouge. Weird that in the video above he stated that if the college students are going to strip clubs they are committing adultery and lust in their hearts.

According to this USA Vanguard article here were some of the statements Morrell made to USA students while on campus.

“Men should be the bread-winners and women the bread-makers. I’m not against women being educated – I bought my wife a cookbook.”

“Students are STD-ridden whores.”

“My target audience is those who disagree with me. I’m here to teach the fear of God,”

Now here’s what I heard from Morrell when I saw him Friday afternoon

“Jesus pays me through PayPal.”

“The movie “Aladdin” sends the wrong message because what if your daughter came home and told you that she was dating a Muslim.” (Umm dude the movie took place in the Middle East just saying!)

“President Barack Obama believes in child scarfice which is abortion and Obama-care and he is the leader of the homos.”

“The Little Mermaid” is not a good movie for young children to watch because it incites lust in young boys since Ariel is a half-naked woman. (She isn’t even technically human !)

I asked whether he had visited any Christian based colleges and universities and could he sense any sinful behavior there. His reply was yes and that those students according to him were more sinful than students attending state run institutions.

Morrell’s visits to other college campuses across the nation have ended with him being arrested or escalating to violent measures as this video below from an event at Texas State University  where a young woman in disagreement of his message with him slaps him.

Thankfully USA students did not resort to violent measures while listening to Morrell which reminds me of the Rally for Sanity/or Fear that occurred on the National Mall in Washington D.C. this weekend that we can all disagree without resorting to violent or tacky tactics.
I’m not going to question Morrell’s sincerity in voicing his message but I feel as though he has a lot to learn and long way to go because some of the statement he did make was WOW! However I also have a lot to learn as I go along this path of life.

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