So I got the wrong RSA Tower:MoonPie over Mobile

The MoonPie Over Mobile New Year's Eve celebration has been moved from Cooper Riverside Park to the RSA BankTrust building. Ok so I photoshopped the wrong building yesterday.

The other day I posted about the new addition to the RSA Bank Trust building which is a lighted sign that will show pictures during various events throughout the year. Yesterday it was reported that the MoonPie Over Mobile New Year’s Eve Celebration was moved from Cooper Riverside Park to the RSA BankTrust Building (formerly the AMSouth Bank Building).

Mayor Sam Jones stated that We are going to corner off an area of downtown Mobile nearly the entire venue of Bayfest, and corner it off with entertainment,”

Really Mayor Jones wasn’t this the basis of the First Night Mobile celebration’s that occurred during the 1990’s up until oh 2002 or 2003? So it’s that event under a different name huh?

In my weird mind I was like to think that city and tourism officials saw the blog post with the “pic” MoonPie hanging above the RSA Tower and thought hmm, that’s a great idea.

NOT a chance in you  know what that happened HA! Hopefully this event does work out for the city of Mobile.

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