Murphy vs McGill Cellular South Yall vs US Game Coverage

From the Cellular South Yall vs Us Season 2 where the Murphy High School and McGill-Toolen Catholic High game was aired to a nationwide audience on Oct 28th on FOX Sports South

Last night I watched the legendary (ok legendary in the Mobile area) rivarly game between my alma mater Murphy High School Panthers and the McGill-Toolen Catholic High School Yellowjackets. The Yellowjackets won 23 to Murphy’s 18. I thought it was fun that the nation was getting a chance watch what we know is the one of the best high school rivalries in Mobile County however there is something that this girl has to ask.
Looking on the Cellular South Site for their Yall vs US TV series under the Murphy vs McGill section I noticed something that was primarly heavy on orange and black…I have to wonder did the Mobile County Public Schools limit the crew for the Yall vs Us series to the pep rally at Murphy in order to take pics? I get that the most noted graduate from McGill is Jimmy Buffett but as a Murphy Panther come on what is the point of a rivalry if both teams are not going to be photographed equally.

I’m just saying people. Not hatin’ just sayin.

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