MoonPie Over Mobile New Idea I guess..

Here's an idea of the MoonPie over Mobile celebration. reported that that the owners of the RSA-BankTrust Building that was formerly the AmSouth Building are planning to feature a large lighted sign in the shape of a Moon Pie that will display images throughout the year including a  Moon Pie for the New Years’ Eve/Day celebration.

This sounds really cute I have to wonder thought what images that Mobile is known for will be shown on this skyscraper accessory.

January: Ladd Staduim for the Senior Bowl

Mardi Gras: The segregated royal courts of the kings and queens.

St.Patrick’s Day: The Composite sketch of the Crichton Leprechaun as seen in this 2006 legendary viral news story

Azalea Trail Run: Azalea’s Blooming

America’s Junior Miss… I mean  Distinguished Young Women of the Year: A picture Diane Sawyer since she is probably the most noted winner of that competition.

Iron Bowl: One side of the circle crimson/red/and hound sooth black and white. The other side Tiger stripes in black and orange with the caption “City Divided Iron Bowl 20 oh whatever!”

As for the MoonPie drop over Mobile I would understand if this was a big deal in Chattanooga, Tenn where they are produced. Besides Moon Pies here are at most probably consumed once a year and that is during Mardi Gras. The pic posted above is an idea that I had for the celebration. You mean to tell me that there isn’t anyone that could figure out a way to have a huge Moon Pie drop from the RSA Tower a’la Times Square Ball Drop New Year’s Eve. Or is the RSA Tower structure to difficult for it to happen.

A girl can imagine with the help of Photoshop can she?

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