I missed the memo that Bear Bryant print was so chic


Wonder if Bear Bryant were living today what would he think he was a fashion trend for 2010.

Last month I was walking in Bel-Air Mall past Chick-Fil-A when I saw this in the display window at a boutique store

I thought to myself okay people in Tuscaloosa do not dress that formally at Bryant-Denney stadium for the Alabama games. Hell, they probably don’t get this formal for the Iron Bowl after parties. Then yesterday while running some errands I saw this in the window of Charlotte Russe

Then I’m thinking Umm Okay and then I walk into JC Penney and saw this

Well at least it is not lingerie then I walked into Victoria’s Secret and saw this  Excuse my language but damn Bear Bryant undergarments that are not part their Pink Collegiate Collection.

If you don’t know famed Alabama coach Paul “Bear” Bryant was famous for wearing a black and white hound sooth hat at games. I also heard once that recently during the homecoming game instead of a crown the queen is given a hound sooth hat to wear. (  I don’t know whether this is true or not okay!)

At this point I realized that I must have missed the fashion trend memo when oh The BCS Championship Game between the University of Texas and University of Alabama occurred that the houndsooth print was going to be in style. I have to wonder though was some fashion trend spotter was watching that game at some sports bar in NYC and thinking to him/herself  “Oooh I loving how those ladies yelling Roll Tide are wearing that print with the crimson color!” From what I know Bama Fever/Tiger Pride stores have been selling this type of stuff for years at least on the Bama side of the store. (Bama Fever/Tiger Pride is the University of Alabama and Auburn merchandise store that are located across the state of Alabama.)

Now this part is an insight to my for some what might say is my quirky mind. Just what is this new fashion trend based from whomever is the new BCS Champions at the end of the collegiate football season. Lord knows if Auburn keeps on their undefeated path and wins what will be the trend then; Blue and Orange tiger striped print outwear, underwear and accessories. Oh I can’t imagine if it were to the the highlighter orange that is the color for the volunteers of the University of Tennessee. That will surely hurt many eyes as I sure it does when people watch their games in High Definition.

Then again maybe it is just me.

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