What if the Twilight Saga took place in Mobile,AL

Bella and Edward at the Mobile Moonpie Eclipse celebration?

Eclipse the third movie int the Twilight movie franchise is currently breaking box office records left and right this 4th of July weekend. Most likely I will not be one of those people in line to see the movie because;

1. I have yet to read “Eclipse and I usually prefer to read the book first before the movie adaptation of  it is released.  2. I’ve only read “Twilight” and I did not fall in love with the book as many people have.

Even before I read the first novel in the series I checked out author Stephenie Meyer’s  website to get insight on why Forks, Washington was used as the setting.

According to Meyer

I knew I needed someplace ridiculously rainy. I turned to Google, as I do for all my research needs, and looked for the place with the most rainfall in the U.S. This turned out to be the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State.

If one does search online for the rainiest cities in America not only does some cities in Washington state pop up but also Mobile. That left me wondering: What if the battle of Bella Swan’s heart had Mobile,AL as an backdrop for the battle of Team Edward vs Team Jacob.

First I wondered about which of the local high schools would Bella, Edward, Angela, Mike, and the rest of their crew would attend.

Murphy High School

Would the Cullen clan hang near the flagpole at Murphy?

I’m a bit biased towards my alma mater Murphy High School so let’s start there. Sure the school has beautiful Spanish revival architecture however the lunch scenes would be kind of problematic since the entire school population did not eat in the cafeteria. Heck when I went there most of time I spend during lunch was outside. Since the school does have a Biology hall if a movie were made filming those scenes were Edward and Bella are partners could work. For the Chapter 3 almost crash scene it could take place either in the S.Carlen and Wilcox Street parking lot or the one facing the Lois Jean Delaney auditorium and the Boys Gym.

McGill-Toolen Catholic High School


Artist rendering of recent Spanish revival style addition to McGill-Toolen Catholic High School

A recent Religion News Service discussed how Meyer’s Mormon roots have influenced the Twilight book series in the character interaction and imagery. Since the South is often known as the Bible Belt I’m not sure that the Church of Latter Day Saints would be have an dominant influence if the Twilight saga were to take place in the Port City. If the protagonists of the Twilight saga attended this school it would be interesting in instead of the non-vegetarian vampires (The Cullen’s consider themselves vegetarians since they do not go after human blood.) as the villains, the denomination of the Christian church was the villain in the Cullen’s eyes at least. Side note: Another reason why I did not care for Twilight the book left me wondering who was the real villain in the story. At least Harry Potter had Lord  Voldermort. Anyways with the recent addition to the school building it shares a similar Spanish revival architecture similar to Murphy. I have no idea about how the parking scenes in the book would work since their parking is spread among N. Catherine St, Old Shell Road, and the corner of Dauphin and N.Lafayette St.

The other high schools in the Mobile area not too sure about whether they could fit with their architectural style. Now to the other nuances of if the Twilight story took place in Mobile.

The Cullens

Since they are vampires for some reason I can imagine them walking around Mobile with an umbrella up…when it is not raining. Anyways for their residence I’m thinking they would live in the pic below

Google aerial shot of the would be Cullens residence.

I had to get an aerial shot of the house because the house is located  next to St.Paul’s Lutheran Church on Cottage Hill Road and it think they are getting ready to turn that piece of land into a subdivision.

Charlie Swan

I’m not sure if this story took place in Mobile that he could get away with being the Sheriff while his daughter is dating a vampire. Maybe as a superior on the police force. As for their residence I can picture them living in Mid-Town Mobile.

The Blacks

I know that the Choctaw Indian Tribe resides in Northern Mobile county so it be bit of a drive for Jacob at least if he were to attend one of the high schools mentioned above. While trying to imagine a storyline in Mobile I was not sure whether wolves even lived in the state of Alabama but behold they do.

The Chapter 17 Baseball game attack

I can see this taking place at Medal of Honor Park (Cottage Hill Park). That way the non-vegetarian villains (if they would be in the Mobile version of Twilight) would hide in the heavily forested  walking paths all the while watch the Cullen’s play their version of baseball.

Edward and Bella Scenes (Forget the Forest)

How about using Bellingrath Gardens. It could be romantic you know?

The Chapter 8 Trip

Dauphin Island, Orange, and/or Gulf Shores Beaches. (Whoa if it weren’t for the Gulf Spill.)

That’s just how I would see the Twilight Saga if it took place in  Mobile.Whether it improves the story..ummm,meh!

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