What if Donald Trump took interest in AJM I mean DYW

From the DYM website.

So over the past weekend America’s Junior Miss I mean the Distinguished Young Woman of America was named. For two weeks the general Mobile area that reads the Press-Register was informed  about what the America’s Junior Misses have been doing and on the finale night they decide to change the name of the program.

Then I had a discussion with my grandmother about the change and she along with a couple of Press-Register Sound-Off readers, (For those that don’t know Sound-Off is a section in the Press-Register where readers call in their thoughts about what’s going on in the community and the most intriguing ones are published either in the paper or online.) feels that the new name sounds like an award that is given to a person at a high school senior awards day.

In  the late 80’s the program name was changed to America’s Young Woman of the Year,  but was changed back to America’s Junior Miss in 1993. I’m curious to know what makes the organization officials think the Distinguished Young Woman of America name will stick. Then in my wild imagination I wondered if Donald Trump decided to take interest in the program what would it be like since he is part owner of the Miss USA/Universe Organization with NBC Universal. I know that the Miss USA Organization is considered a beauty pageant, however the Distinguished Young Woman of America roots also did start off as a pagaent as well. If Mr. Trump did keep the program  elements of DYM (fitness, talent, interview, academic achievement) how would he implement the Trump brand into it.

What would a meeting with him Mayor Sam Jones and DYM officials would be like. (Note this part of the post is not to be taken literally as it is purely from my imagination.)

America’s Junior Miss ( I mean Distinguished Young Woman) Headquarters Conference Room.

Mayor Sam Jones: Mr. Trump on the behalf of myself, city council, county commissioners, and the citizens of Mobile we would like to welcome you to our great city.

DYM Official: On the same note as Mayor Jones we would also like to welcome you to Mobile and thank you for your interest in this program that has given young women the opportunity to be their best self for over 50 years.

Trump: Well thank you both and I also believe in that people love looking at  beautiful young women that are smart.

DYM Official: Umm Mr. Trump this is not a beauty pageant but it’s a scholarship program.

Trump: Oh I’m fully aware of that but from your numbers it seems that interest in this program has declined over the past few years is that right.

DYM Official: Well yes but…;

Trump: Here’s what I had in mind for the program umm Amanda could you please hand Mr. Jones and (name of DYM Official) my blueprint for the future of this program.

Mayor Jones: Blueprint oh yes I like this kind of like my blueprint for the city of Mobile revitalization plan.

Trump: As you can see on the first page my plans are to have the finals broadcast on NBC and the opening shot  should be of the contestants leaving  from their planes at Mobile Regional Airport. Then there’s going to be another shot of my private jet landing and then a red carpet rolls out and me unboarding the plane.

DYM Official: Hold up what does this have to do with you.

Trump: Well you see since I’m interested I think the finals should let the viewers know that this could be my scholarship program ,anyways then the next shot will be of your girls that are wearing those Southern Disney Princess looking dresses lined up and are greeting me and the contestants.

Mayor  Jones: Those girls are the Azalea Trail Maids. They are 50 of the best and brightest high school young women from all over Mobile County.

Trump: Sorry and I also noticed that many of those young women are also very beautiful why aren’t they contestants in this pageant, I mean competition for scholarships.

DYM: I sure that some of those Trail Maids competed for the title of Mobile County Junior Miss.

Trump: Well I have gotten off track, anyways if  you all will turn to the next page you will see the schedule of events that I would have planned for the contestants and some changes.

DYM Official: I notice that you would eliminate the BBQ eating contest and why is that.

Trump: Well if you read further along you will see that Jillian Michaels from “The Biggest Loser” would be the fitness choreographer and since the comepetition is  about being your best self she wants the contestants eating habits to be the same.

DYM: Hold up just a minute here Mr. Trump barbeque is a southern tradition and some of these contestants probably never even tried it before where they live. And just why does she have to be the choreographer because we already have one.

Trump: I’m sure you do but don’t you want more national recognition for this program

Mayor Jones to the DYM Offficial: Look the city needs the national attention, don’t you realize that if you go along with what Mr. Trump wants how much tourism revenue it could bring into Mobile for those two weeks.

DYM Official: Just how do you know Mr. Jones that if we do decide to go with Mr. Trump’s plans that’s it is going to bring in any sort of revenue because from what I’ve seen with the media attention from the Miss USA pageants is what dumb thing the contestant said during the interview portion or the OMG what shocking pictures they might or might not have taken. Hell I rarely hear anything about just how intelligent these girls are. At least our young women do community service during their two weeks here in Mobile and from what I see your blueprint you would have photoshoot during their trip to Dauphin Island. In Trump fitness wear.

Trump: Well since the DYM contestants feel as though the focus should not be on their bodies why not the fitness wear since they don’t want to wear swimsuits.

DYM Official: Look Mr. Trump, Mayor Jones thanks again for coming. The board of directors and myself will look over this and we will let you two know what we decide thanks and have a nice day. Escorts the two gentlemen out of the conference room.

DYM Official: I have to wonder if Mr. Trump is doing this for his brand or does Mayor Jones willing to sell out for city revenue..

I hope that the DYM organization does have success within this next decade and so forth so the name change has to be wait and see.

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