What message is McDonald’s trying to send with these seats

I went to McDonald’s earlier today and from the looks of it the location I went to was re-molded  they have re molded since I last visited  there.

Lime green ottomans at McDonald's location in West Mobile

Is it just me of does the stools sort of look like mini garbage cans?

I can understand that many restaurants and some fast food places are cutting back on portion sizes and trans fats on their items but smaller seats. I consider myself a petite person being 5ft 4 inches tall weighing around 113-116lbs ( I don’t weigh myself that often). I would not have too much trouble sitting on those stools or ottoman’s. What about a customer that walks into that particular McDonald’s location of the pictures where I posted that is not so petite in size. What will they have to do place two of those lime green ottoman’s together in order to eat comfortably. Maybe I’m reading into this a but too much.

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