Curious as to why The CW’s “Hart of Dixie” doesn’t film on the Gulf Coast

The cast of the CW show "Hart of Dixie" is based in the fictional Gulf Coast town of Bluebell,Alabama. Someone on staff must really likes Blue Bell Ice Cream. Just saying. Photo courtesy of and The CW.

   I hate to be one that nickpicks but as one that lives on the Gulf Coast it has be done in the cast of The CW’s “Hart of Dixie.” Last night I watched the premeire of the CW show “Hart of Dixie” starring Rachel Bilson (The O.C.) as Zoe Hart. In the pilot episode Hart’s internship plans are derailed because of her lack of personalibility with her patients. So her takes up an offer from a doctor from Bluebell,Alabama who attended her commencement speech to practice at his office. She moves there and to me it reminded me of a modern day version of “Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman” where woman from big city moves to small town. Dr. Woman is not immediately accepted into her new surroundings because of sexist and other reasons. While watching the premiere I imagined the ficitional town of Bluebell, AL to be located somewhere in Baldwin County Alabama and then I thought about where other CW network shows are filmed.

“Gossip Girl” is based in New York and is filmed in New York.

“90210” is filmed in California and is based in California.

“One Tree Hill is based in “North Carolina” and is filmed there.

So I wonder why is “Hart of Dixie” that is based in a fictional town on the Gulf Coast not filmed on the Gulf Coast.

I understand that in television it’s all an illusion and there are procedures that have to take place with local officials to most likely film anything. However, I’m while watching the show was imaging the possibilities of having a major television show film on the Gulf Coast. Examples:

Students studying television production with the local colleges and universities could have internship opportunities as well as learn about the process of filming a television show.

Employment opportunuties for the locals in the area.

The chance of local points of interest to be featured such as Lulu’s , the Grand Hotel at Point Clear, and Ladd Staduim in order to generate tourism dollars and attention.  

Maybe I’m just a little bit too far in this and I’m sure the producer’s of “Hart of Dixie” will not be changing their minds about filming location anytime soon but for those wanting to do a show about life on the Gulf Coast please consider filming here the next time.

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NAACP Image Awards and ALMA Awards Friday night death slot

The NAACP Image Awards and the ALMA Awards awards minority entertainers that display a positive image. So one has to wonder why the networks that air these two award shows on a Friday night which is considered to be a death slot.

Actors George Lopez (L) and Eva Longoria Parker are set to host the ALMA Awards on September 16th on NBC (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

On Friday September 16th, NBC will air the ALMA (American Latino Media Arts)Awards with comedian George Lopez and “Desperate Housewives” star Eva Longoria. The awards honors  performers that display a positive image of Latinos in the entertaiments industry. I’ve watched this particular award show on and off when it aired on Friday nights on ABC.

When I saw the promo for the awards recently I realized another award show that honors another minority group of entertainers the NAACP Image Awards usually airs on Friday night on FOX.

After the 42nd annual NAACP Image Awards aired on March 4,2011 host of TV One’s “Washington Watch” and CNN commentator Roland Martin made this observation about the ratings of the awards.

Mr. Martin and the panel made great points but they missed out on one key factor which is the 4nd NAACP Image Awards aired on a Friday night.

Why question it’s airing on a Friday night, because there is a perception that television shows that air on Friday night are usually cancelled.This slot is referred to as The Friday Night Death Slot

The article above mentioned tv shows however here’s a list of awards show from what I’ve observed and the nights that they air.

The Academy Awards (Oscars)—- Sunday nights
The Grammy Awards—————see Academy Awards
MTV Video Music Awards———-see first two listed
The Dove Awards—————–see the first three listed
The Primetime Emmy Awards——-see the first four listed
Most of the Country Music Awards-not on Friday my friend
The Trumpet Awards—————See all the above
BET Awards———————–hopefully by now you’ve noticed a trend.

According to Nielsen African-American’s are the nation’s largest ethnic television audience while the same group in Sept 2010 that Hispanics make up 40% of new TV households.

With that in mind why would FOX, NBC, and previously would air these awards shows on a night that has less viewership and what message is it sending to those ethinic groups. From what I can obtain it is that the NAACP Image Awards and the ALMA awards are not as importance as some of the awards show mentioned above.

Since the Primetime Emmy Awards are this coming Sunday I understand why NBC had to air the ALMA’s on a Friday. But couldn’t they clear a Sunday on Telemundo or E! (There are those that would appriecate a break from the Kardashians and Kendra) to air the ALMA’s. Even BET knows to air their shows on a Sunday in order receive the Monday morning beginning of the week news cycle entertainment buzz meter factor.

As for the Image Awards why can’t TV One air this on a Sunday since FOX obviously won’t do it for future airings.

By airing these awards shows on what is perceived to be a death spot in ratings the networks mentioned above are doing a disservice to two of their large viewership groups.

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An open letter to the Mobile City Council, Mayor Sam Jones, and Chief Michael T. Williams

The Mobile City Council on Sept 14th meeting voted down 4-3 an amended version of Mayor Sam Jones proposed crime package that included a teen curfew. Photo courtesy of Local

Dear Mobile City Council, Mayor Jones, and Chief Williams,

As a citizen who has lived in Mobile for most of my life, I want the city to be at it’s safest just like any other person. I also feel that the police need tools that will enable them to perform their duties. However, this curfew that has been proposed for teens in the are I have a question about the legitmacy of it.

From what I can recall in 2002 a curfew was passed for teens. The law according this article by stated the following:

The teen curfew applied to a specific area bordered by Government and Dearborn streets, Washington Avenue, St. Louis and Royal streets. Aside from emergencies and other limited exceptions, minors under 18 were prohibited from being there between the hours of 10 p.m. and 5 a.m., seven days a week.

My question for you all is this

Instead of writing a new proposed law, why not make an amendment to the curfew that is already on the books to extend citywide and add designated place to hold offenders and vote on that?

I’m sure it has been time consuming, writing the proposal, making amendments, rallying up support for the curfew only to have the amendment version voted down. However I feel as though a curfew that is already in place that is not enforced not only ludicrious but not helping the citizens of Mobile.

Looking forward to hearing your response


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Memories of Tuesday September 11, 2001

Lights illumiate the NYC skyline to commerate those who lost their lives on 9/11. On the 10th anniversary of the tragic events people will stop and reflect at memorials across the US. Photo by Allan Tallenbaum of

      This past weekend I came across my high school senior year binder where I kept all my journal entries from the Honors English class I took back in 2001. The school  year of 2001-2002 was my senior year attending Murphy High School, and each day  in Mr. Montgomery’s English class we had to write a journal entry. He said the purpose of the daily assignment was to improve our writing skills. I’m glad that I kept those entries because on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 I’m able to look back on what was occuring in my life before the tragic events of that day.

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Umm isn’t there a hearing that has to be held first..Mobile parents sue school system

From Six Parents File Lawsuit Against Mobile Schools over Explusions

(Mobile, Ala.) – A human rights organization is ready to face off against the Mobile County School System.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of six students alleging their constitutional rights have been violated.

The group says the problem stems from something called “The Push Out Crisis.”

The SPLC says students in Mobile County Public Schools are being pushed out of school through repeated and long-term suspensions for minor, non-violent offenses. The group also argues the students were not given the opportunity to defend themselves.

From what I recall reading the behavioral guideline book from The Mobile County Public School System when I attend was the rule that if a student is to be expelled from the system; a hearing must be held first.

I don’t know the exact details of the case, however if those students were not given the opportunity to defend themselves then lady justice should be on their side.

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Looking forward: upcoming retro music (USA Vanguard)

Looking forward: Upcoming Retro music
Amy Winehouse’s musical influence prominent in sound of several popular retro, pop artists
This article was orginally published on September 8,2008


Amy Winehouse's influence on the music of artists such as Little Jackie, Hillary McRae, Duffy and Solange has made her a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.


  British-soul singer Amy Winehouse, despite her troubled personal life, received high critical acclaim for her retro yet modern-infused album “Back to Black.” Winehouse won five Grammy’s out of her six nominations. Now four other artists, including a fellow British soul singer, an upcoming Starbucks signed artist, a New York based duo and the sister of a prominent R&B singer, are using the retro sound for their music. Another common theme that these artists share along with Winehouse is singing about the ups and downs of relationships. These artists will be ranked on how retro they actually sound.

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Should Rev. Wright’s comments affect Obama? (USA Vanguard)

Should Rev.Wright’s comments affect Obama?

This article was orginally published on March 31,2008

I have been taking an English course on black writers in America, and it is interesting to note that what we have covered in that class is correlating with the recent events of this presidential election. Many of the African-American writers that we are covering in the course not only discussed their struggles of advancing in this country but also shared their faith very passionately. Rev. Jeremiah Wright should have chosen his words more carefully in his sermons, which blamed people of European ancestry for some of the many problems that face African-Americans today, like the AIDS Virus, government policy and drugs. There was much criticism over how Rev. Wright’s sermons were conflicting with Senator Obama’s message of bringing people of all backgrounds together.
   First of all, the few comments that Rev. Wright made were, yes, extreme, but does that make him entirely racist? Not exactly, because it is not like there’s a fully accessible archive of all Rev. Wright’s sermons (however, I don’t believe the problem of racism in the United States can be blamed entirely on rich people with strong European ancestry). Besides, where’s the outrage when other well-known ministers on the television screen make controversial remarks towards other races and cultural backgrounds just as outlandish and full of fallacies as Rev. Wright’s?

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